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What are the benefits of a small assisted living home environment?

There are a number of benefits to a small assisted living setting.  It is not institutional and less intimidating than the larger facilities hence making it more intimate.  Due to the higher staff to resident ratio, residents receive more one-on-one attention and supervision than in a larger environment.


What happens if my loved one’s condition deteriorates to the point that end of life care is appropriate?

We are in regularly contact with families regarding the health and condition of our residents.  Our professional staff is trained to recognize and adapt to our resident’s changing needs.  When the resident is deemed appropriate for end of life care, hospice can be brought in to provide the additional services that allow the resident to remain comfortable in our home.


What if my loved one requires hospitalization, and then, after discharge, some rehabilitation?

We work closely with a number of home health agencies in the area. Upon a doctor's recommendation, the agency of your choice will come to the home, assess the resident's needs, and perform these services in home. Often, this is paid for under the resident's Medicare benefits.


How are assisted living residences regulated?

Assisted Living Residences are regulated in Michigan by the Department of Human Services


What will happen to my loved one as she/he ages in your care?

We recognize the necessity for flexible programs and services that are updated to meet the changing needs of all residents. Our professional staff is trained to recognize and adapt to those changing needs. Functional and cognitive needs assessments are done regularly to update each resident care plan to appropriately address and adequately meet the needs of our residents.  Our residents are generally able to remain in our homes through the end of their lives; hospice provides a great deal of assistance during that time.


Do you accept residents with memory loss?

Yes we have programs in place to care for residents with memory loss.  


Do you have hair care for residents?
Yes we have a beauty/barber visit the home.

How many meals are included in the basic monthly fee?
We provided three nutritious meals daily in our dining room and snacks between meals as requested.

What are staff qualifications?
All staff members are fully trained to meet the requirements of a state licensed AFC home and have a minimum of 3 years experience working with seniors.

Who supervises direct care staff?
The home provider works with and supervises the direct
care staff.

To what degree are doctors and/or nurses involved in direct care?
A doctor and registered nurse are on call for in home visits on a regular basis.

Does the home provider perform criminal background checks on all staff? ABSOLUTELY!

How much are your fees?
Our fee's are all inclusive. Call for our current pricing (734) 348-6006

How are fees determined?
The level of individual care required.

What options are available for payment of fees?     

  • No Fault Auto Insurance (requires a settled claim with your   automobile insurance carrier

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Attendant Benefits from Veterans Healthcare Administration

  • Private Funds

  • Area on Aging Medicaid Waiver Program

Does the provider require a medical assessment?
A medical analysis from a physician is required prior to admission.

What will my health care insurance cover while staying in this home?
Your health care insurance will continue to provide the same benefits related to hospital and doctor visits, medications, referral services and doctor prescribed medications and health aids.

Do the monthly fees include medical equipment?
No, in most cases your health insurance will cover these costs.

Do the monthly fees include prescription drugs?
No, we do have a local pharmacy that delivers medication directly to the home.

What safety measures are in place? Fire extinguishers are wall mounted throughout the home. Smoke detectors that are hard wired and battery powered, along with carbon monoxide detectors, are also installed throughout the home.

Is there an internal emergency call system?
Call buttons are installed at each bedside.

Does the home have handicap access and accommodations?
The home is wheelchair accessible with wheelchair ramps at the front and back entrances. Bathrooms are equipped with roll in showers and ADA approved commodes and grab bars.

Is there a list of Resident’s Rights?
Each resident will receive a list of Resident’s Rights.

Is there a complaint or grievance procedure?
The home provider personally addresses any and all issues with the resident and/or the resident’s family and staff.

Does the home provide specific information on independent advocacy organizations and allow its residents to have access to such services?
Residents are allowed access to and private meetings with advocacy organizations.

Are special meals available for dietary restrictions?

Can I keep my current Doctor?

Does the level of personal care increase as the residents need for assistance increases?
Yes. Ongoing communication between the home provider and family will address any changes that are needed.

Are there planned activities?
Yes, we offer games, crafts, exercise, read-a-loud, and sing-a-long.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed to live in the home.

Birthdays and Holidays?
We love the holidays at Falkirk. The home is decorated for each holiday and a holiday themed dinner is served based on the holiday. Birthdays are also celebrated with all the residents.

Is transportation provided?
Community transportation services are available. The home provider can also provide limited transportation services with pre-arrangement.

How much storage space is available?
Each resident will have a night stand, chest of drawers and closet space to hold seasonal clothing. Separate closet space is also available for seasonal outer wear.

What type of bedrooms are available and are they furnished?
The home provides either private or semi-private (double occupancy) bedrooms. Bedrooms are furnished with single beds, chest of drawers and nightstands. 

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